Feb 022011

I have a new anthology out from Circlet Press, Up for Grabs 2.  All the details, excerpts, and pretty pictures are there.

Editing an anthology is one of those things that takes much more work than you’d think if you haven’t tried it.  I’ve done a few anthologies with Circlet.  I thought I had the hang of editing such a beast.  When I started working on Up for Grabs 2, however, I realized how many places I did a weak job on past anthologies and tried to improve.  Of course, I’m pretty sure I did a few things worse, but Circlet has done such a good job putting the book together that you probably won’t notice.

The more submissions you have, the better the book.  This doesn’t mean it’s obvious how to get more submissions.  To start with, I found a lot more places to post the call for submissions.  I put some work into soliciting stories from people who didn’t respond to the call for submissions.  At the final count I had thirty-nine submissions.  This is not a huge number, but it’s easier to make a good book from thirty-nine submissions than from twelve.

The next round of cool stuff came from my contributors.  They gave me some fantastic stories, which I hope you will read.  Several contributors allowed me to use my editor super-powers to make their good stories even better.  While I can take credit for many of the edits, please don’t overlook my contributors’ willingness to be edited.  It’s hard to let someone take a scalpel to a story that you thought was perfect.  I’ve had some bad experiences lately with authors who would not accept any editing, so I am grateful to these writers’ willingness to work with me and humbled by the amount of trust they gave me. I hope that I have repaid this trust adequately.

As many writers know, proofreading is an endless task.  There are always more typos.  However, a few writers too extra time to proofread not only their own stories, but other stories and the introduction.  You folks were awesome!

Up for Grabs 2 is a worthy successor to the first Up for Grabs, and a fine anthology in its own right.

Jun 162009

Up For Grabs: Exploring the Worlds of Gender
edited by Lauren P. Burka

With stories by Vinnie Tesla, Anya Levin, David D. Levine, Zachary Jernigan, and Ellen Tevault.

Up for Grabs is my first editing project with Circlet Press.

Read an anthology of erotic stories where gender is up for grabs. Thousands of people spend time on the Internet identified with a gender other than the one they were born with, for erotic gratification or to stretch their imaginations. But we asked our writers what if you got a tax break for changing your gender? What if you could choose to be no gender at all until you went on a date? What are the implications, both sexual and social, of gender possibilities beyond the choices and ideas our society currently holds.

Buy it directly from us here at Circlet.com as a PDF, or from one of our retailers:

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