Feb 222011

The other day I remembered that there is no central place that lists free web erotica serials.  I remembered this because I wanted to look up such a serial, but I forgot what the name was.  My Google-foo took a crack at it and gave up.


Tell me which  web series you read that are:

  • posted regularly on the web
  • free except for donation request
  • erotic, by which I mean you read it because it’s arousing, not because you feel the need to point and laugh.

I await your replies with bated breath.  Not “baited breath,” which contrary to the understanding of posters internet-wide, means “with a worm on your tongue” and they spell it “toungue” too.

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  3 Responses to “Erotic Web Serials”

  1. I should just note that one erotic web serial is Cecilia Tan’s “The Prince’s Boy” has new episodes posted every Wednesday at http://www.circlet.com

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